Common Course Outlines

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English Division Courses


ENGL 99    Pre-College Composition   
ENGL 1101    English Composition I   
ENGL 1101H    English Composition I (Honors)   
ENGL 1102    English Composition II   
ENGL 1102H    English Composition II (Honors)   
ENGL 2111    World Literature I   
ENGL 2111H    World Literature I (Honors)   
ENGL 2112    World Literature II   
ENGL 2112H    World Literature II (Honors)   
ENGL 2121    British Literature I   
ENGL 2121H    British Literature I (Honors)   
ENGL 2122    British Literature II   
ENGL 2122H    British Literature II (Honors)   
ENGL 2131    American Literature I   
ENGL 2131H    American Literature I (Honors)   
ENGL 2132    American Literature II   
ENGL 2132H    American Literature II (Honors)   
ENGL 2600    Creative Writing   
ENGL 2601    Features Writing   


READ 0098    Advanced Reading Skills   


RSCH 1203    Research Strategies/Technology   

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