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The English Executive Council exists to facilitate communication among the campus departments, coordinate the efforts of the course committees, promote a high standard of instruction throughout the discipline, and provide all English faculty the opportunity to participate in the decision making process.


The English Executive Council is composed of department chairs (including Distance Learning as a campus department), one faculty member from each campus department, and the Dean of English. In matters that require a vote, all members shall be voting members and shall have an equal vote. Faculty members are elected to two-year terms by their respective departments. To ensure continuity, elections will be held on a rotating basis: Clarkston, Decatur, and Distance Learning representatives will be elected in odd-numbered years and Dunwoody, Alpharetta, and Newton representatives in even-numbered years. Elections should be held at the beginning of fall semester, so that the Council may hold its first meeting by the third Friday in September. At that first meeting, the Council should elect a chair from among its members. (NOTE: Any Council member may be elected chair.) A secretary may also be elected or appointed with the consent of the membership.

Charge & Responsibilities

The English Executive Council receives its charge from the English faculty. In conjunction with the course committees, the Executive Council is responsible to the English faculty for the following:

  1. Holding regular meetings to consider academic issues raised on the campuses, in the course committees, or by circumstances within the college.
  2. Preparing charges for the course committees.
  3. Regularly assessing degree programs offered by the discipline to ensure that those programs meet effectiveness standards set by the college and by the accrediting agency.
  4. Reviewing and revising, as needed, the discipline's operating policies.
  5. Coordinating Web content for the discipline.
  6. Ensuring that the content of advisement sheets is current.
  7. Developing a yearly calendar for the discipline, incorporating College timelines.
  8. Ensuring that the discipline is represented on the Regents' Advisory Committee and maintaining communication between the Executive Council and the Advisory Committee.
  9. Supporting and facilitating discipline-specific professional development.
  10. Reviewing and revising, as needed, discipline-specific policies and procedures.
  11. Collaborating with appropriate offices on issues involving AP, CLEP, Joint Enrollment, and Credit-by-Exam.
  12. Coordinating the formation of the course committees.
  13. Accepting and distributing annual reports from the course committees.
  14. Calling annual or semi-annual meetings of the English Faculty.

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2013-2014 Executive Committee Members:

Stuart Noel, Dean of English
Alyse Jones, EEC Chair
Amy Coleman
Valerie Dotson
Laura Edmunds
Carissa Gray
Michael Hall
Carol Harris
Ken Johnson
Scott Mitchell
Beverly Santillo
Lerah Spikes
Theodore Wadley

2013-2014 English Discipline Committee Members

2014-2015 English Discipline Committee Members


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