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The Writers' Forum

Creative Writing Club

What is Writers' Forum?
Writers' Forum is the creative writing club held on GPC's Clarkston Campus. Participants are invited to share their original writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction) with the group. Writers' Forum is open to students, faculty, staff, and individuals from the community interested in writing. Just come to the meeting--there are no club dues and no formalities!

What are the guidelines for making a presentation?
Writers' Forum is a workshop for writing in progress. Everyone is welcome to bring their work for feedback during the meetings. Just remember to bring a few extra copies of your work to pass out to the group. The format of the meetings is informal: writers are invited to read all or parts of their manuscript aloud and the reading is followed by a critique from the group. If your manuscript is long (such as a novel), limit your excerpt to just a few pages that can be conveniently read and discussed during the meeting time. There is no pressure to make a presentation. Feel free to come and simply enjoy listening to others!

Writers' Forum Advisors:

Dr. Rosemary D. Cox
Telephone: 678-891-3975

Mr. Tim Tarkington
Telephone: 678-891-3992

Mr. Michael Diebert
Telephone: 678-891-3987

Cafe Noir

Drama and Creative Writing Club

Cafe Noir is a club based on GPC's Newton campus that provides a forum for a variety of artistic interests. One of the main club events is the "Cafe Noir Happening." In a coffeehouse-like setting, the "Happenings" showcase student and faculty performances. The "Cafe Noir Happenings" feature collaborations that combine various creative expressions of interest to those of us who truly appreciate literature and the fine arts.

The events, happening on several Wednesdays throughout the semester, provide coffee & pastries, and feature faculty and student exhibitions including art, poetry, slam poetry, dramatic monologues, interpretive dance, spoken word, musical and vocal performances, and dramatic readings.

All faculty and students are welcome and participants often meet to see plays, have literary discussions, and participate in dramatic and creative writing workshops!

Cafe Noir Advisors:

Shane Wilson
Telephone: 770-278-1307

Christopher Moser
Telephone: 770-278-1308

Screenwriter's Workshop

Screenwriting Club

The Screenwriter's Workshop is designed to teach the fundamentals of screenwriting in order to help students write their own scripts. The workshops are a place for screenwriters to come together learn, share, connect, write, get valuable feedback, and ultimately get the inside scoop on the film industry! Participants will not only watch movies, but thoroughly analyze how they were written. The Screenwriter's Workshop will also host a variety of industry professionals (writers, directors, producers, actors) providing practical guidance on how to work in the Georgia film industry!

Newbies and seasoned writers are welcome! No prior experience necessary—just an open mind and an interest in writing for film. Feel free to join in with the group at any point in the semester for workshops, presentations, or a good movie!

Screenwriter's Workshop Advisor:

Andy Rogers
Telephone: 770-274-5476

The Writers' Circle

LTC Writing Club

The Learning & Tutoring Center at Georgia Perimeter College sponsors The Writers' Circle, an ongoing  group of students and community members who enjoy the writing process and seek the support and insight of fellow writers.

All meetings are free and open to the public. At the sessions, writers read from works in progress and offer critiques for every stage of the writing process, from nurturing an idea into gestation to achieving its publication. To broaden and enhance the writing experience, the group also hosts guest professionals such as editors, instructors, and published authors.

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The Writer's Circle