GPC's SEMAU delegation, with their faculty advisors and staff, at the South East Model Africa Union.

Southeast Model Africa Union (SEMAU)
Takes place annually, the first week of November.

SEMAU is a simulation of the proceedings of the African Union. It provides a unique opportunity for university and college students to study the role, structure and performance of the Union, in the search for solutions to key economic, social, and political-security issues facing the African continent. Through simulation, participants gain a clearer understanding of the multi-various determinants, capabilities and constraints that shape the domestic and foreign policies of African countries, as well as the patterns of cooperation and conflict that characterize intra-African diplomacy.

The experience is designed to enrich and enhance student understanding of the political, economic, and cultural dimensions of different African countries, and how they relate to each other and to the rest of the world. Delegates gain an understanding of African issues from an African perspective, and knowledge that is rewarding to them in their collegiate and community endeavors.

If you would like to participate in SEMAU as a delegate, please contact-

M. James Kahiga, Ph.D
Professor of Economics & Chair, Business/PE Department
GPC Online, CL Suite 1203
Clarkston Campus
Phone: (678) 891-3371

George Vargis
Associate Professor of Political Science
Decatur Campus
Phone: (678) 891-2402

Salli Vargis
Professor of History and Honors Coordinator
Newton Campus
Phone: (770) 278-1360

Model Arab League (MAL)
Takes place annually in mid-March.

The Modal Arab league simulation offer students an unique, experimental opportunity to acquire and develop practical leadership skills directly related to the United States and one of the world's most vital regions, the Pan-Arab World. Through participation as a representative for an assigned country in the Arab World, students learn about important social, economic, cultural, and political issues facing Arab leaders and ordinary citizens.

Regional MAL website