GPC students learning about the archaeology and anthropology of Peru, first hand in Cuzco and Arequipa.

The Center for International Education at Georgia Perimeter College functions as a centralized office to help coordinate and provide internationalizing opportunities to students, faculty, and staff. The goal is to create a more globally competent community of learners who-
  1. have an increased understanding of the interconnectedness of peoples and systems

  2. a general knowledge of history and world events

  3. an appreciation for different languages and cultures.  

Georgia Perimeter College provides the foundation for its members to live and work successfully in an increasingly diverse society and interdependent world. In order to achieve this vision, the college is committed to an ongoing and recursive international educational and experiential process.

List of Functions

  1. Assists faculty with internationalizing the curriculum through connecting the Core to the study abroad experience

  2. Directs the formation and implementation of study abroad programs

  3. Oversees exchanges and linkage agreements with foreign institutions

  4. Creates international faculty and staff development opportunities

  5. Negotiates and implements international grants and contracts

  6. Provides survival language and inter cultural sensitivity training for students, faculty, and staff

  7. Maintains a web site listing international opportunities and program highlights