Welcome to the CIE's On-line Study Abroad Orientation.

Responsibilities: Study abroad programs impose inherent risks, and neither the University System of Georgia (USG) nor Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) can guarantee your safety or eliminate all potential risks. While every effort has been made to ensure your safety, GPC cannot monitor or control all activities and behaviors of participants, nor can it assure U.S. standards in all situations.

As a participant of a study abroad program you-

  • Have responsibilities related to participation and behavior as guests in another country.
  • Must be familiar with matters relating to health concerns, legal issues, safety, and political conditions in the countries you visit.
  • Have an obligation to prepare and participate fully in group orientations.
  • Should disclose personal information if it necessary to ensure a safe and pleasant study abroad experience, including accurate and complete physical and mental health information.
  • Must comply with the terms of participation, code of conduct, emergency procedures, and should express any health or safety concerns to your program leader or the Center for International Education.
  • Should respect the rights and well being of others, and encourage others to behave in a similar manner.

It is up to you to accept a higher level of responsibility for your own behavior, safety, and actions. The decisions, behavior, and actions of study abroad participants impact health and safety for themselves and for other participants.

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