GPC students visiting le Musée du Louvre in Paris, France. Summer 2010.

The center for International Education and Study Abroad welcomes you to GPC and wants to ask yourself the question, “How far can I go?” Last year, nearly 200,000 students across the United States studied abroad, and many important jobs will be filled by those young men and women who have the experience and knowledge it takes to compete in the global marketplace. You may want to add yourself to this number when you consider the career benefits.

In today’s world, companies in every sector are dependent on international relationships. American corporations outsource, foreign manufactures own firms and plants in the U.S., companies import and export information, products, and people. Students who have had an overseas study experience demonstrate real world skills that cannot be learned in a traditional classroom setting. Skills like fluency in a foreign language, a high degree of independence and resourcefulness, risk taking, ability to cope easily with new situations, problem solving, specialized expertise in another region of the world, and adaptability in a multi-cultural setting are all highly desirable qualities in a prospective employee.

GPC offers faculty-led, short term, summer study abroad programs designed with the two-year college student in mind. Did you know that any student with a minimum 2.0 GPA, in good academic standing, and who has completed all learning support requirements can study abroad? Study abroad is more affordable than you may think.

The Center for International Education works with partners overseas to design affordable, 2 to 4-week programs of study. And students who qualify can use financial aid, HOPE scholarship, and study abroad scholarships to help with the cost of a study abroad program. There are opportunities to study in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and more. In addition, study abroad isn’t just for language majors. GPC study abroad courses are designed to allow students enrolled in almost any major to complete core requirements overseas and receive academic credit.

Students planning to study abroad should apply at 1 or 2 semesters in advance of departure. Transfer of academic credit from other study abroad programs to GPC will be decided on a case by case basis. Please contact your GPC study abroad advisor at the for assistance in identifying a program.