Governance Section : Academic Assessment Advisory Committee

Committee Charge:

The Academic Assessment Advisory Committee serves as a bridge between the individual academic discipline committees, the college-wide General Education Outcomes (GEO) committee, and the college-wide Institutional Effectiveness Committee. The primary purpose of the committee is to ensure that student learning outcomes (SLOs) are clearly articulated for all academic disciplines, as well as for college-wide GEOs, and that there is an established schedule for assessing these outcomes and using the assessment findings to improve student learning at Georgia Perimeter College.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Membership Rotation: Members serve for an indefinite term.

Rotating Membership Selection: Faculty members are appointed by Academic Division Deans for an indefinite term. Other professionals serve on the committee according to their institutional roles and serve as long as they remain in those roles.

Number of Meetings/Year: Meetings will occur at least twice during Fall and Spring semesters, with additional meetings scheduled as needed.

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus Service Begins Service Concludes
Patricia Gregg (co-chair) Acting Director/Assoc. Director Institutional Effectiveness Lakeside Non-rotating  
David Cromer (co-chair) Assoc. Professor - English Decatur Non-rotating  
Andrea Morgan Department Chair - Humanities Online Non-rotating  
Behnaz Rouhani Asst. Professor - Mathematics Online Non-rotating  
Damita Boyd Coor. Academic Success Resolution - SLIP Clarkston Non-rotating  
Diwana Lowe Assoc. Professor - Nursing Clarkston Non-rotating  
Emily Whaley Assoc. Professor - Mathematics Clarkston Non-rotating  
Eugenia Novokshavona Instructor - English as Second Language Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Felisha Shepard-White Research Associate - OIRP Lakeside Non-rotating  
Jason Flato Asst. Professor - Philosophy Clarkston Non-rotating  
Jeff Mahr Asst. Professor - Science Dunwoody Non-rotating  
John Anderson Department Chair - Science Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Jose Cortes Assoc. Professor - Foreign Language Decatur Non-rotating  
Kirk Swenson Asst. Professor - English Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Mark Griffin Assoc. Professor - Psychology Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Melody Durrenburger Asst. Professor - Physical Education Decatur Non-rotating  
Paula Porto Faculty - Dental Hygiene Dunwoody Non-rotating  
Robert Woodrum Asst. Professor - History Alpharetta Non-rotating  
Slava Prudchenko Asst. Professor - Fine Arts Clarkston Non-rotating  
William Moon Department Chair - Social Science/Business/Education Newton Non-rotating