Governance Section : Enrollment Management Team

Committee Area: Student Affairs

Committee Charge:

To be responsible for the development, review, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of the college’s Enrollment Management Plan. Also monitors the implementation of all task force recommendations regarding enrollment.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Membership Rotation: Non-rotating due to the nature of the committee.

Rotating Membership Selection: Appointed by the President.

Committee Membership:

Name Title Campus
Vincent June (Chair) VP, Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Decatur
Phil Smith Interim VP for Academic Affairs Decatur
Barbara Obrentz Director, Marketing and Public Relations Decatur
Nathaniel Holmes Director of Advising, Counseling, and Retention Services Decatur
Doug Ruch Director of Records/College Registrar Clarkston
Ken Quattlebaum Director of Enterprise Information Systems Lakeside
Patti Gregg Acting Director, Institutional Research and Planning Lakeside
Ingrid Thompson-Sellers Interim Dean for GPC Online Clarkston
Richard Beaubien Director, Recruitment and Admissions Clarkston
Bethaney Willis Chief Accounting Officer/Controller Lakeside
Robin Winston Director, Student Financial Services Decatur