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Gateway to College Academy

*The academy provides students with the opportunity to fulfill high school graduation requirements while attending college classes and earning college credits.

Who are Gateway to College students at Georgia Perimeter College?

DeKalb County School District (DCSD) students (ages 16 to 20) who:

*Have at least six (6) credits (three (3) must be core credits).

*Can acquire a high school diploma before turning 21 ("aging out).

*Live in DeKalb County School District

*Are behind in high school credits (for age and grade)

*Have left or are considering leaving a DeKalb high school before graduation or are disenchanted or disengaged.

How does the Gateway to College Academy work?

*Students are assigned to learning communities of 19 participants to prepare them for the rigor of college courses.

*The first semester (Foundation semester) include include literature, writing, math, college survival courses.

*Students transitions to a full college schedule after successfully complete the Foundation semester; these college courses are aligned with DCSD high school graduation requirements

*Each student's graduation timeline depends on his/her required high school requirements - not grade level.

Student Support Services

Resource Specialists/Counselors provide students with the following services:

*Academic planning and advisement

*Solution-focused counseling, crisis intervention and meditation

*College and career readiness counseling

*Monitoring of academic progress

*Advocacy, mentoring, and student support

*Referral/resources to outside agencies to provide wrap-around services

*Daily academic coach sessions

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