A Real Second Chance

Gateway to College Academy


Mr. Robert Wigfall, Director
(678) 891-3439
Email Mr. Wigfall

Dr. Derrick Tennial, Assistant Director
(678) 891-3436
Email Dr. Tennial

Ms. Jade Holley, Head Resource Specialist
(678) 891-3216
Email Ms. Holley

Mr. Clifton Rawles, Admissions/Intake Coordinator
(678) 891-3223
Email Mr. Rawles

Ms. Theresa Sanford, Secretary
(678) 891-3439
Email Ms. Sanford

Ms. Helen Boddie, Records Coordinator
(678) 891-3221
Email Ms. Boddie

Mr. Carl Glisson, Resource Specialist
(678) 891-3217
Email Mr. Glisson

Mrs. Lekesia Dix, Resource Specialist
(678) 891-3772
Email Mrs. Dix

Mr. Kevin Scott, Resource Specialist
(678) 891-3438
Email Mr. Scott

Brandi Baptiste, Mathematics Instructor
(678) 891-3215
Email Mrs. Baptiste

Mr. Aurelio Morello, Mathematics Instructor
(678) 891-3454
Email Mr. Morello

Ms. Shana Hunt, English Instructor
(678) 891-3218
Email Ms. Hunt

Ms. Krystal Smallwood, English Instructor
(678) 891-3771
Email Ms. Smallwood

Ms. Mary Caruso, Economics Instructor
(678) 891-3437
Email Ms. Caruso

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