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Application/Intake Process

Please read all information carefully so as not to miss out on any important steps.

Note:  To print an application form for the Gateway to College Academy click the
application link below.  Application packets are also available in each DCSS High School
Head Counselor's office.
Call (678) 891-3220 or e-mail with any questions or concerns.

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(Note:  Priority application deadlines are January 10th for Spring admission and
August 9th for Fall admission. Students may still apply after the priority
deadline, but will be admitted only on a space available basis and may be deferred to the next semester.) 

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2012!  
The first step toward completing your high school education at Gateway to College Academy is to complete the application process. The process includes a paper application, which you must read and fill out completely. The application helps us to get to know you, and find out more about your life.  It asks where you live, if you’re working, and what your
school history is.

The application also asks for information on what you’re doing now, such as where you work, if you have childcare needs, and what kind of school schedule you need. Be sure to list your schedule preferences in order from 1 to 3, and check any schedule you absolutely cannot do. GTCA will try to meet your scheduling needs, but there are no guarantees!

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The documents:

Along with your application, you are asked to submit a number of items that we need in order to accept and enroll you in Gateway. Your two high school transcripts must be official, meaning on DCSS gray paper with the school seal, and in a sealed envelope from your last high school. We need two, because you are applying to be a student of two schools; Gateway and Georgia Perimeter College. That’s right; you will be a COLLEGE STUDENT!!! Being a college student requires you to really step up your level of responsibility. Be sure to think about this when you’re deciding if Gateway is the school for you.

NOTE: Your school can mail the two official  high school transcripts to us at the address below. However, to save you and the school money, request that they put them in the DeKalb County School System courier to Gateway to College. 

The other required documents include proof of residence, which must be a utility bill (gas, water, electricity, cable). The bill must be in you or your parent/guardian’s name. If you are under 18, and don’t live with Mom/Dad, you must have a legal guardian (& legal guardianship paperwork). If you and your family are living with someone else, ask that person to send us a notarized statement that you are living in their home along with their utility bill. You will also need to show us your Georgia state driver's license or Georgia state ID.  If you do not already have one, go to the nearest DMV to purchase one. Stethoscope clip art

We no longer require an essay!Application.htm

Finally, documents about you. Your birth certificate, immunization forms, vision hearing and dental forms, and social security card can be included with your withdrawal form if you request them from your last school. If you don’t get them from your last school, you will need to locate and turn them in yourself. If you don’t have a social security card or number, go to the social security office to apply for one. Your medical forms are on file with your doctor, or with the DeKalb County Department of Health. Click here for a list of places you may be able to get these documents from.

If you have any special education needs, like an IEP, SST, or 504 plan,  please tell us and bring a current copy in with your application. These records help us understand what your special learning needs are and if Gateway is right for you. Your success depends on finding your best path; we can help if we have all of the right information.

Click here for a checklist of documents you need to turn in with your application.

You may drop off or mail your application materials to:  

Georgia Perimeter College
Gateway to College Academy
555 North Indian Creek Drive
Clarkston, GA 30021

After your application materials are submitted COMPLETELY, you will receive an invitation to a three day Information & Assessment Session, which is step two.

REMEMBER: You always want to make a great first impression. You are applying not only to a high school, but to a college. Be sure to double check your application, to make sure you have answered all of the questions, and gathered all of the documents you need.

STEP TWO: Information and Assessment Session

The Information & Assessment Session is the part of the process we love, because we get to meet you in person. This is also your chance to see the college campus, and get a feel for what it would be like to be here every day.

You’re still in the application process, so just like with your paper application, you want to put your best foot forward. Arrive on time, or better yet, about 15 minutes early. You will be greeted by a member of the Gateway staff, who will check you in and tell you where to sit. If you bring a guest, they will also be invited in.

Important: Georgia Perimeter College has parking lots designated for students, faculty, and visitors. There are two visitor lots on campus, located next to buildings “CA” and “CH”. Please visit for a campus map.

The important thing to remember about the Information and Assessment Session is that we are not just evaluating you, but you are evaluating us. This is a place where you may spend the next few years of your life, so make sure it is where you want to be. Before your session date, think of some questions you would like to ask.

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The session will begin with a presentation on what the school is all about. This would be a great time to whip out any questions you have, and ask them (you’ll be invited to ask questions either during the presentation or at the end).

There will be a lot of important facts about how the program works. If you bring a pen and some paper you can write down things that are important to you or things that you are unclear about.

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You will take a reading assessment to determine if you have a minimum 8th grade reading level. Since you’ll be taking high school classes in college, we want to be sure you can successfully move through the program. An eighth grade reading level or higher will help when it comes to the schoolwork at Gateway to College Academy. To practice before the session, check out these links for reading comprehension and math.

You’ll get a break after the assessment, and then you’ll return to the classroom for the rest of the presentation. At the end, Gateway staff members will be talking to you about your test scores, and whether Gateway is right for you. This is another great opportunity to ask questions and share things about you.

If you meet the eighth grade requirement, you will be invited back for a two-day evaluation, where you’ll take assessments in math, do a little writing, and have a homework assignment. Be sure to come on time and complete your work.

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The final step in the application process is scheduling an interview with Gateway staff members.  We use this opportunity to learn more about you and ensure that our Academy is a good fit for your educational goals.  This is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions to be sure this is where you want to be. 

That’s it!!! After the interview, the Gateway Selection Committee will make decisions on acceptance, based upon whether the committee feels that you will be able to complete the program before turning 21.  If we have more applicants than spaces available, a lottery process will be used to select students for the current semester; remaining applicants suitable for the program will be placed on a waiting list. You’ll receive a letter of notification that will tell you if you’ve been accepted, and when school starts.

Get ready!!! You will be coming back to school, but in a way you have never done it before. You’ll be working hard, earning a high school diploma and working on a college degree at the same time. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. And in the end, you’ll be ahead of the pack!

If you elect not to come to Gateway: Please don’t give up! There are other options, students do not select Gateway for a variety of reasons, but not because they cannot be successful in school. Explore other options like the GED. It is widely accepted by colleges and Technical Schools. You can earn it and come back to GPC to earn your degree—and  we would love to see you!  We will assist you in identifying other places to continue your education if Gateway is not able to serve you or if you decide Gateway is not the place for you.

Please call the GTCA office at (678) 891-3220 or e-mail with any questions you have.  
Good luck!

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