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"Investing in the Individual Student"

Mission Statement

The Honors Program seeks to engender in its students a lifelong commitment to intellectual inquiry and their engagement with the academic community and society at large. The Honors Program promotes the academic and personal growth of outstanding students by engaging them in a stimulating Honors curriculum that features small classes taught by dedicated faculty and interdisciplinary investigation, seminars, and independent research. Outside the classroom, Honors students benefit from a wide variety of Honors Program activities and programs. 

Consolidation Update about Honors

Once the consolidation of Georgia State University and Georgia Perimeter College becomes official, students who were previously in the GPC Honors Program will become a part of the Georgia State University Honors College.  The Honors College will offer a wide range of Honors courses at all of the Perimeter College locations.  Honors students seeking an associate degree at Perimeter College will enjoy many of the benefits and opportunities the Atlanta campus offers to Honors students who are pursuing a bachelor's degree.

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