Welcome to the Honors Program

Frequently Asked Questions   

How do students become eligible for the Honors Program?   Students are encouraged to participate in the Honors Program if they have high test scores on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, a high school GPA of 3.5 or above, or a 3.5 or higher transfer GPA from another college.

Can students join the Honors Program if they do not satisfy any of the criteria listed above when they enter GPC?   Yes. Admission into the Honors Program is very fluid. GPC students with a GPA of 3.5 after earning 9 credit hours in college-level courses may join the Honors Program. Also, GPC faculty members recommend students.

Can students pursuing any major participate in the Honors Program?   Yes.

How does credit for Honors courses work?   Students earn the same number of credit hours in the Honors Program sections of courses as they would in a non-Honors version of that course, and Honors sections of courses satisfy the same program of study requirements as the non-Honors version of the course.

What classes are available through the Honors Program?   Each campus at GPC offers a variety of Honors courses, and the scheduled offerings change each term. The Honors Program offers courses in Business, Fine Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.

What are Honors courses like?   Typically, these classes have a maximum enrollment of fifteen students and operate as seminars; thus they are courses that provide an intimate learning environment that facilitates enhanced interaction with faculty members and other Honors students. They emphasize communication skills, especially through class discussion and writing, and value covering material in depth. They often emphasize interdisciplinary approaches and working with primary materials.

Are Honors courses harder and more work?   Honors courses are intended to challenge serious students; however, the course outlines and syllabi are carefully constructed to parallel the workload of comparable non-Honors courses. A major difference is in the type of assignments that are given and the flexibility built into many of those assignments so that students can pursue topics of interest to them.

Will taking Honors courses have a negative influence on my GPA?   GPC’s Institutional Research and Planning recently did a study of GPAs for students in the Honors Program. During a recent three-year period, student GPAs in their Honors courses were 0.05 higher than their average GPA in non-Honors courses. Students taking Honors courses respond to the challenge and perform well.

What are the benefits?   Besides the small classes and intimate learning environment, students have other important benefits: priority registration, recognition on transcripts, graduation distinctions, opportunities to attend Honors conferences, merit-based Honors Program Scholarships, and guaranteed transfer scholarships to four-year institutions for Honors Program graduates. And many more!

How do I join the Honors Program or get more information?

Every campus has an Honors Program Coordinator. Students may contact the Campus Honors Program office or contact the college-wide Honors Program office and Director:  Dr. Jeff Portnoy (678/891-3620 or jeffrey.portnoy@gpc.edu).