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The Honors Program is an academic and student services program for students in all programs of study who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and motivation. The program offers intellectually challenging courses taught by dedicated faculty, interaction with other students, and opportunities for recognition and service. The purpose of the program is to encourage students to achieve excellence in all areas of their experience at Georgia Perimeter College. The Honors Program fosters in its students a lifelong commitment to intellectual inquiry through their engagement with the academic community and society at large. The Honors Program seeks to promote the academic and personal growth of outstanding students at Georgia Perimeter College, helping to prepare them for leadership roles in careers of their choice.

As members of this unique learning community, students will engage in a stimulating Honors curriculum focusing on interdisciplinary investigation and independent research, further enhanced by the emphasis on small classes and seminars. Outside the classroom, Honors students benefit from a wide variety of Honors activities and programs.


Students with a demonstrated history of excelling academically are encouraged to participate in the Honors Program. Students who do not meet the criteria below may become eligible based on the quality of their work done at Georgia Perimeter College. Entering freshmen with a high school GPA of 3.50 or a composite national SAT score of 1800, a verbal score of 650, or a math score of 620 are eligible to participate. Students who have taken the national SAT I and have a composite score of 1200, a national SAT I verbal score of 650, or a national SAT math score of 620 are invited to participate in the program.   A national ACT composite score of 26, a national ACT English score of 29, or a national ACT mathematics score of 27 also qualifies a student for the Honors Program.

Others who are eligible include: National Merit semi-finalists and finalists, students who have earned an International Baccalaureate diploma, students eligible for Phi Theta Kappa, transfer students who have earned a minimum of nine credit hours with a GPA of 3.50, and students recommended by Georgia Perimeter College faculty and who have been approved by the Honors Program Campus Coordinators.

-  Students at GPC who are not eligible to participate in the Honors Program when they first enroll may become eligible by earning a minimum of nine (9) credit hours with a GPA of 3.50.

-  Students who transfer to GPC and have met the criteria listed above are eligible to apply to the Honors Program. Transfer students who have earned a minimum of nine (9) credit hours with a GPA of 3.50 are welcome to apply to the Honors Program.

Students in the Honors Program who receive an academic warning will be excluded from the program.  Written permission from the Honors Program Coordinator will be necessary for such students to reenter the program.

To earn an Honors Certificate, the student must have completed at least 45 semester hours of college credit work with a cumulative GPA of 3.30. Of these 45 semester hours, 15 must have been earned in Honors courses in which the student received a grade of “B” or higher.

To earn an Honors Program Diploma (an Associate of Arts Degree or Associate of Science Degree from the Honors program of GPC), students must have completed all the requirements for the programs of study with a cumulative GPA of 3.50. Of these required semester hours, 24 must have been earned in Honors courses in which the student received a grade of “B” or higher, and the cumulative GPA for these Honors courses must be 3.30 or higher. As part of their Honors curriculum, students must complete Honors courses in the following areas:

- 3 courses in English/Social Sciences

- 1 course in Fine Arts/Humanities

- 1 course in Mathematics, Science or Economics*

Students in some disciplines may also earn Honors Program Distinction in their major or Departmental Honors.  This opportunity exists in many areas, including Business, Psychology, History, and English. To earn this special recognition, students must fulfill all of the requirements for an Honors Program diploma and must complete as part of their course work a minimum of 9 credit hours in Honors courses that satisfy their major requirements in Area F. The cumulative GPA for these Area F Honors courses must be a 3.50 or higher.**

* Students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) may fulfill this option by taking two Calculus courses or by completing a two-course science sequence required for earning a degree in that major.

** Two classes (6-8 credit hours) taken abroad may substitute for one Honors course required for the Honors Program diploma or certificate. Only one such substitution will be allowed for the Honors Program Certificate. Two courses required for the Honors Program Diploma may be replaced by four courses taken abroad (12-16 credit hours). 

Honors courses are offered in the following subject areas:

Accounting              English Composition           Music

Anthropology          Film                                    Philosophy

Art                          Geography                         Political Science

Astronomy              Geology                             Psychology

Business                 History                               Religion

Communication       Literature                           Sociology

Economics              Mathematics                       Theatre

The Honors Program has a number of Articulation Agreements with private and public four-year institutions to provide guaranteed transfer scholarships and admission to their Honors Programs for students who graduate from GPC and have earned an Honors Program Certificate. Information about these Articulation Agreements, as well as other benefits, can be found on the Honors Program website or in the campus offices of the Honors Program.

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