Welcome to the Honors Program

"Investing in the Individual Student"

Honors Council Members (2013-14)

Terry Bozeman, Honors/English, Decatur

Otto Burianek, Social Science, Online

Lynda Cain, Math, Dunwoody 

Marla Calico, Humanities/Fine Arts, Clarkston

Joe Cannon, Jr., Social Science, Alpharetta

Jason Dew, Honors/English, Dunwoody                

Ken Fenster, Social Science, Clarkston

Paul Hudson, Social Science, Clarkston

Ken Johnson, English/Fine Arts/Humanities, Alpharetta

Kim Krinsky, Social Science, Online

Susan Lofstrom, Faculty Advising, Clarkston

Melora Mirza, Library, Dunwoody

Linda Mullins, Business, Online

Gregg Murray, Honors/English, Online

Katherine Perry, Honors/English, Alpharetta

Jeff Portnoy (Chair), Honors/English, Clarkston

Salli Vargis, Honors/Social Science, Newton

Lynn Zeigler, Science, Clarkston