Welcome to the Honors Program

What Students Say!

“The class size was the best part. We received hands-on attention. The teachers used unique and open techniques, and I learned significantly more in this environment.”    Lia Powell,  2000 GPC graduate,  Phi Theta Kappa-USA Today Academic All American;   B.A., Political Science/International Affairs, Georgia State University   
“The smaller classes and friendly environment at GPC were definitely a plus. Also, because GPC had the Honors Program, I felt that the quality of education I would receive should be the same, if not better, than at a large university. And it turned out it was worth it.”   Hina Mehmood, 2006 GPC graduate,   Pharmacy Major, University of Georgia   
“My achievements would not have been possible without the foundation laid by my experience in the Honors Program. Without it, I would have been just another mediocre student struggling to figure out what college was all about.”   Karl Enderle, GPC Honors Certificate, 1995;  B.A., University of Georgia;J.D., Hofstra University   

“The benefits of the Honors Program are smaller classes, lots of individual attention, challenging curriculum and the chance to be in an environment where my opinions were valued. I had to actually improve on the quality of work that I produced.”   Tristan Peters, 2002 GPC graduate;  B.A., University of New Mexico, Honors Program;  J.D., Northeastern University

“Many nontraditional, older students excelled, being able to draw on their life experiences to engage with the subject matter. Discussing Euripides’ Medea in an honors class with a number of older students who had been married for years or gone through divorces is an experience I’ll never forget.”   Scott Gavorsky, 1997 GPC graduate;  B.A., Oglethorpe University;  Ph.D., History, Emory University 

Mr. Davis says, “I had always thought that my writing struggles meant I could never be a great writer, but the Honors Program taught me how some of the greatest writers in history struggled with their writing. Taking honors classes gave me the tools I needed to write and present exceptionally well, despite my anxieties.”    Chris Davis, 2007 GPC Graduate, Perimeter College alumnus Chris Davis is pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Psychology at the Georgia Institute of Technology.   

“The teachers are great.  The Honors Program is wonderful.  When you go to the GPC Honors Program, you don’t have anything to envy with other colleges and universities because the Honors Program is tough. If you go through it, you will be good.”    

Jean-francois onivogui ’08