Health, Wellness, and Recreation

Access to Gymnasium, Weight Room and Swimming Pool

Life is full of risks. In physical activity programs there are risks to the participant. All risks for involvement in sports and recreation at Georgia Perimeter College cannot be removed but can be reduced. It is important that the College create policies and procedures that minimize participant risks as well as litigation against the College and University System. The primary purpose of these policies is to provide safe access for students and employees of the College. Implementation of these policies will ensure a safe facility in which the risk of injury and possible litigation is minimized.

Concerns for use of Health, Wellness, and Recreation Facilities

1. Reducing the risk of negligence lawsuits against Georgia Perimeter College and University System of Georgia.

2. Preventing individuals and groups not affiliated with the College gaining access to the gym complex.

3. Creating greater institutional and campus control over the use of the gym complex.

4. Providing clear and common sense guidelines to govern the level of safety for students, employees and alumni of Georgia Perimeter College.

Policies for Clarkston Health, Wellness, and Recreation Facilities

Rules for Clarkston Campus Swimming Pool

Pool Operations and Safety

Clarkston Pool Lap Conversion

Lifeguard Information

Weight Room Policies Hours of Operation

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