Welcome to Leadership Academy


The Leadership Academy is an innovative scholarship and retention program that provides opportunities for students who are underrepresented in higher education.  As part of a University System of Georgia initiative and an institutional commitment to increase access to underserved populations, the Leadership Academy, focusing predominately on African-American males, offers post-secondary educational opportunities to students who would benefit from the financial, academic and personal support the program provides.  In addition to improving access, students will be well prepared to continue their education toward the bachelor’s degree.  GPC believes that these students are capable of above average performance when provided with adequate support.

Launched in 2005 as a grassroots faculty initiative, the program receives funding through the GPC Foundation and support not only from the GPC administration, but from faculty and staff at every level who volunteer to work with the members in various capacities.  The program offers academic and book scholarships as well as seminars and workshops and group discussions on wide-ranging issues.


  • To improve access, retention and graduation rates of African American males
  • To improve GPAs and test scores of young men in the program
  • To increase transfer rates of African American males to 4-year colleges
  • To enhance the social and academic development of these students
  • To develop the qualities of good leadership including, goal-setting, vision, persistence, effective communication, positive self-esteem, enthusiasm and integrity
  • To emphasize the importance of service and connect students to opportunities to give back through a variety of community service activities
  • To build relationships within GPC and in the wider community
  • To form cooperative partnerships with local high schools and student success organizations eg. Project Grad
  • To provide a safe and meaningful environment in which young African-American men can interact with, encourage and challenge each other to reach their fullest potential
  • To provide mentors to members to guide them through the academic, social and job process