Welcome to Leadership Academy


Students who are accepted into the Academy are required to adhere to all program requirements including:

■  Students must have a schedule free of classes between 2:00 and 4:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in order to attend mandatory Academy activities.

■  All first-year students must attend 2 hours of supervised study hall each week in the Leadership Academy Center. If progress reports indicate a need, more study hall hours

may be required.  Students beyond the first year who maintain at least a B average will only be required to do one hour of study in the Center each week.

■  Students must attend meetings, workshops, and field trips outside of their regular classes and the Tuesday/Thursday activity block as determined by program staff.  (Limited make-up opportunities will be arranged for students who were unavoidably absent from required activities.)

■  Students must participate in at least 70% of program activities in order to be eligible to participate in the Leadership Academy.

■  First-year students in Fall 2008 must enroll in HEDS 1011 in the Spring.

■   Students must enroll in and complete at least 6 hours of academic credit in the fall

and spring semesters to be eligible for participation in the Leadership Academy.

■  Students must earn at least 30 hours of collegiate credit and complete at least two years of matriculation on the Clarkston Campus.  After that point, they may take classes at other GPC campuses.

■ Students may participate in the Leadership Academy for up to eight semesters (excluding summers).

■  Students must apply for Financial Aid and complete a FAFSA form as scholarship funds are disbursed through this channel.

■  Students who do not register for classes for two consecutive semesters will not be eligible to participate in the Leadership Academy. Students who re-enroll may reapply to the Academy and will be considered with other applicants for admission.

■  Students must follow the GPC student conduct code on campus and whenever involved in any Leadership Academy activity on campus or off.

■ Students must dress appropriately while on campus and on Leadership Academy outings – this means no excessively baggy clothing, clothing with inappropriate writing, or clothing/ accessories that displays drug related themes. A special dress code may sometimes be required. 

■  Students must strictly adhere to GPC’s Academic Honesty Policy.

■  Students must have approval from a Leadership Academy advisor before making any changes in their schedules (withdrawals, course additions or deletions).

■  Students who do not comply with campus and Academy rules and who do not actively participate in Academy activities will be placed on probation.  Students who do not meet compliance standards during probation will be excluded from the Leadership Academy.

■ Students must agree to comply with all Leadership Academy policies and procedures; signing the Leadership Academy Participation Agreement indicates that students have received these policies and procedures and agree to follow them.