Welcome to Leadership Academy


Leadership Academy students who earn the required GPA and Leadership Academy participation points and GPA during their first semester are eligible for up to six semesters of fall and spring scholarship funding from the Academy beginning in their second semester of participation in the Leadership Academy at GPC.  (Students must pay for their own classes if they choose to enroll during the summer sessions)  Students are expected t be continuously enrolled each fall and spring until graduation or transfer; therefore, students who do not enroll for more than one fall or spring semester will not be eligible to participate in the program and therefore will lose their scholarship eligibility. 

Students must have at least 70% participation in Leadership Academy activities have a minimum of 2.0 semester GPA and have completed a minimum of six credit hours in the most recent semester (excluding summer) to be eligible for scholarships. 

Book scholarships

Students who participate in 70 – 100% of Leadership Academy activities  (eg. Group discussions, study hall, seminars, workshops, mentoring) will earn a $350 scholarship to be used in the GPC Bookstore for books and supplies.  Students will be required to submit receipts for their bookstore purchases.

Tuition Scholarships

Tuition percentages to be awarded to students for tuition and fees depend upon the most recent semester GPA:

3.5 – 4.0 + 100%

3.0 – 3.4 = 90%

2.5 – 2.0 = 80%

2.0 – 2.4 = 70%

Students will lose $100 per each W not approved by the Leadership Academy


Group Sessions


Opportunities for leadership and self-development through community service


Students must register for and complete at least six hours per semester – not including on-line

Members must complete at least 2 hours Study Hall per week, in the Leadership Academy Center

Attendance at program events – 70% and up

10 hours Community Service per semester