Clarkston Campus, CM 1130

(678) 891-3745

John Swarn-Central Receiving and Deliveries Manager

Andre Jackson-Mail Carrier

Larry Searcy-Stores Clerk II

Karl Thompson-Mail Carrier

Svengali Booker-Warehouse Manager

Carlos Carter-Assistant Property Control Coordinator

Policy and Procedures


The mission of the GPC Central Receiving and Warehouse is to support the educational goals of the College through the efficient and effective receipt, temporary storage, and delivery of essential supplies and materials.  GPC Central Receiving and Warehouse will fulfill all of its duties while upholding the highest standards of customer service and fiscal efficiency.


The Georgia Perimeter College Central Receiving and Warehouse operation complies with all of the guiding policies and principles of the State of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Administrative Services, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and Georgia Perimeter College.  Should a policy issue not covered by this document ever arise, GPC Central Receiving and Warehouse would first consult the Georgia Department Administrative Services (DOAS) , then the Board of Regents (BOR) for guidance.

Central Receiving and Warehouse serves as the receiving point for all goods purchased via Purchase Order.  Central Receiving and Warehouse cannot receive items purchased via the Purchasing Card since order verification documents are not available to Warehouse personnel.  Central Receiving and Warehouse cannot receive items purchased with personal funds.  Personal items shipped to the GPC Central Receiving Warehouse will be refused.  Receipt of such items constitutes misuse of State Resources.

Central Receiving and Warehouse will verify quantities, inspect condition, and assign Property Control tags to items over $3,000 in value. Items will then be scheduled for delivery to the end-user as soon as possible after receipt.  End-users are required to sign a Delivery Voucher upon receipt of items.  Due to space limitations, items cannot be stored in Central Receiving Warehouse for extended periods. If storage is required for a short time, contact the Warehouse Manager or Associate Director Logistical Services when the initial order is placed. Personal use items cannot be stored in the warehouse due to space and liability issues.  Storage of personal use items constitutes misuse of State Property.

Data including quantity and condition will be entered into the PeopleSoft receiving system.  Paper copies of the completed Purchase Orders and all receiving documents will also be filed with the Purchase Order and maintained in the Purchasing Department filing system.

Central Receiving and Warehouse personnel’s primary duty is the receipt and delivery of goods and materials purchased for the institution.  Central Receiving and Warehouse personnel also deliver materials produced by the Georgia Perimeter College Print Shop and pick up Print Shop orders.  Assistance will be rendered to the Property Control and Inventory personnel as much as possible.  Assistance to other GPC departments, with items such as equipment and product movement will be rendered as much as possible after all other duties are completed.

Central Receiving and Warehouse personnel will endeavor to deliver to every campus and center every day.  If personnel shortages, technical difficulties, or weather should prevent delivery to campus ( es) or center (s) on a given day, the Warehouse Manager will notify the campus through a genmail, or call to the campus administrator’s office.