Open Purchase Order Procedure - (OPO)

Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption

Purchase Order Corrections

> Determine that a correction to a previously issued Field Purchase Order (FPO) is necessary.

> An FPOC must be issued if there is a price increase or decrease of more than $500.00 per line item or if you wish to cancel a Field Purchase Order (FPO).  The cumulative total of all FPOC’s issued to an order should not exceed 20% of the grand total of the original FPO.

> Corrections are basically required to resolve significant differences between orders and invoices.

> Purchasing  has the latitude to issue corrections when not required by State policy, if decided it is in the best interest of the Agency or is required by internal procedures.

> When specifications of the item delivered are not the same as the FPO specifications, an FPOC is required.  In such cases, the Purchasing Department must assure that the changed specification meets or exceeds the original specifications.

> The department may cancel an FPO or approve a price increase or decrease; however,  you MUST send in writing to the Purchasing Department and give the reason for the increase or cancellation.

> Purchasing will issue an FPOC to the company.  The department will receive a copy of the Field Purchase Order Correction (FPOC); it should be attached to your department copy of the FPO and request for your records.

Print FPOC Request Form