Purchase Order Corrections

Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption


An Open  Purchase Order (OPO) is an order to buy unspecified supply items or services as needed. It is intended to eliminate small repetitive requests for expendable supplies, material or services by allowing multiple pickups and billings on one order. A specific amount of funds is encumbered for a specified length of time for this purpose. The total amount of an OPO can not exceed $9,999.99 (including all change orders), and can be effective any dates between July 1 and May 31 of the same fiscal year.

Restrictions placed on OPOs are:

1) no individual purchase can exceed $2499.99
2) no single item purchased can exceed $499.99
3) items must be picked up by user or delivered directly to user
4) items that can not be purchased are:

* equipment that cost $500 or more
* hazardous or radioactive material
* items covered by mandatory State source
* items provided by in-house departments
* dues, registration fees, travel or related items
* personal use items, such as radios, coffee pots, gifts
* telecommunication items of any type or value
* postage stamps
* firearms or explosives
* services involving an employer/employee relationship
* items subject to Library control
* holiday decorations or cards
* plants or cut flowers for office use
* typing services

The user is responsible for resolving all disputes with the vendor over shipping, pricing, damaged goods, etc. In the event that a solution is not achieved, Purchasing may be called upon to help.

All OPOs will be canceled on June 1 of each year by Purchasing. Invoices received after the cancellation date must be paid under a separate purchase order.

Departments that continuously abuse the open order procedure will have their open order privilege revoked.

NOTE: Departments are reminded that the entire amount of the purchase order is encumbered immediately and, therefore, is not available for other use.


1)  User confirms that recommended vendor will accept a Georgia Perimeter College Open  Purchase Order (OPO), and completes a Request for Supplies or Services (RSS) form, including:

* "1 Lot" as the quantity and unit
* A general description of items or services to be purchased preceded by "Open PO for .."
* Effective dates (from/to) of the open order
* State User names

2) User sends completed RSS form to Purchasing.

3) Purchasing  issues a purchase order number.

4) Department uses this purchase order number to place orders directly with vendor.

* Department faxes or phones in order.
* Department picks up order or has vendor deliver the order directly to the user. (Orders      can not be sent through Central Receiving.)

5) Department has vendor send invoice directly to the user for approval.

*User acknowledges receipt of the items and approves the cost by signing and dating the invoice. (Purchasing recommends that a stamp with appropriate information blocks be used.  See example on invoice.)
*User forwards 2 copies of invoice (original and copy) to the Purchasing Office for auditing and approval.  Purchasing will then forward invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.

User can add or delete funds to the OPO by sending a memo or E-mail request to Purchasing before the expiration date or the  $9,999.99 limit has been reached.

Expiration dates will not be extended.  User must submit a new request for another OPO. A field Purchase Order Correction (FPOC) will not be done for an OPO, a new OPO should be requested.  At month end, if you are close to the total amount of the OPO, close that one and request another one.

Stamp should read:

I certify that the items or services received are the same
specifications, quality and quantity as
ordered on PO#____________________, dated_________________.

Signed: ____________________ Date:______________________