Emergency Purchasing

In accordance with (O.C.G.A.) Section 50-5-71, State Purchasing Division (SPD) has granted the authority to state entities to purchase urgently needed items arising from unforeseen causes, including, but not limited to, extreme weather conditions or official declared emergencies. All emergency purchases must be justifiable. A purchase made under emergency conditions means that it was a last resort and failure to make the purchase would directly impact State Assets, health and safety of personnel and/or College revenues.

Petty Cash –Limit to $100.00 or Less
Petty cash can be used for emergency purposes only or when vendors will not accept a P-card or Purchase Order and there are no other substitutions available. Please see our Petty Cash policy.

Purchase Order/P-Card
All purchase must approved by the budget manager in advance. A Purchase Order or P-card may be used for Emergency Purchases. If using a P-card you will need to file a special request to raise the single transaction level. Logistics has a P-Card with higher limits for emergency situations.

If the purchase is deemed as an emergency and the budget manager has approved the manager has the right to make the purchase without advance encumbrance. A purchase requisition will need to be submitted as soon as possible to cover the expense. Logistical Services will need to be contacted and provided the emergency justification the next work day. The Associate Director of Logistical Services is required to submit to State Purchasing form SPD-NI004 (Emergency Justification) within 5 business days.