Purchasing Enhancement Program (PEP)

What is PEP?

The Purchasing Enhancement Program (PEP) consists of three two-hour training sessions, each building on the other. Session one is an overview of the entire purchasing process and policies. Sessions two and three focus on the eProcurement module and GA First Market Place in the PeopleSoft Financial System. PeopleSoft eProcurement is the primary purchasing method for processing and monitoring Purchase Requisitions at GPC. GA First Market Place via SciQuest is the most advanced purchasing  system in use, and puts the real "PEP" in the program. While PEP will initially require additional work from the end-user, the ability to monitor the requisition life-cycle and to point-and-click shop will be a time and resource saver for everyone at GPC. Purchasing at GPC will become more responsive to customer needs, much faster, and PEPpy!

What is required to participate in PEP?

1. Three two-hour training sessions
2. A desire to learn
3. Access Request signed by Budget Manager to obtain access to eProcurement. 

PEP 1 Training
PEP 2 Training
PEP 3 Training
GA First Market Place
PEP Approver Course