Logistical Services Department Intent


The intent for the Department of Logistical Services is to become a customer-focused organization, while following all policies and procedures that govern our activities. Logistical Services will maintain operational consistency and standards with clear internal policies. Personnel will have a clear understanding of procedural and policy requirements. All staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. All personnel will exhibit the highest ethical standards for purchasing personnel who interact with vendors, contractors, and customers. External communications will improve by ensuring all communications intended for a large group is reviewed at least twice. All contracts, Solicitations, and agreements will be reviewed by Associate Director of Logistical Services/Purchasing Manager, the Requesting Department Manager and/or an internal subject matter expert prior to posting and execution.

Logistical Services will always search for ways to reduce cost both in daily operations and purchasing activities. The Logistical Services office will always follow the State of Georgia’s Order of Precedence when obtaining goods or services. All personnel will be responsible for securing and safe guarding State property at all times. Warehouse personnel will maintain positive control of received goods and maintain written/automated accountability of all packages.

Logistical Services will foster a team environment with synergized effort in mission accomplishment. Logistical Services will cross train all buyers on all functional areas. All personnel trained as subject matter experts in their functional area and crossed trained in others. All functional areas and activities should always be attainable by another person; customers should always be able to get results or answers regardless of staffing levels. All purchasing personnel will be able to access any information a customer request regardless of the buyer’s assignment.