Purchasing Card (P-Card)

Thank you for your interest in the GPC P-Card. The GPC P-Card is a Bank of America Visa card and is intended to make purchasing of small-dollar everyday items and services quick and convenient, while saving the institution time and money. If you think your department would benefit from the convenience of the P-Card, please discuss it with your supervisor. We also encourage you to read the GPC Purchasing Card Procedures Manual before applying for a card.

To apply, simply fill out the Cardholder Application Form, located under the Application Forms link. Complete the form, have it signed by your supervisor and send it to Logistical Services Clarkston campus. Once your card arrives, you will be required to complete the mandatory training program before your card will be issued. Please contact Leons Frazier to set-up a new cardholder or new manager training session. Renewal training will be held online through iCollege (dates to be determined).

Once you receive your card, instructions for routine purchases may be found in the GPC Purchasing Card Procedures Manual. Before making a purchase please check the Statewide Contract and Mandatory Sources list for your item(s). You can fins these resources under the Miscellaneous Forms link Remember you must use these sources if your item is available.

We hope you find the P-Card program convenient and time saving. If you have questions or concerns about the program, please contact the Purchase Card Coordinator Leon Frazier (leon.frazier@gpc.edu) (678) 891-3351. If Mr. Frazier is not available, please contact Jim Barnaby (James.Barnaby@gpc.edu) at (678) 891-3326.

Thank you for using the GPC P-Card.