Property Management Department

Property Management- Is a vital process in order to safeguard GPC’s property and Assets. Employee, Budget Manager, Department Heads and above all have a rolls and a responsibilities in safeguarding State property. GPC property shall never be transferred or discarded without prior approval of the Budget Manager or the Department of Logistical Services.

Property that is valued a $3000.00 and above is considered an Asset. All assets will be purchased through a purchase requisition. Exception must be approved in advance by Logistical Services. All assets will be reviewed by the Inventory Coordinator and/or Accounting prior to the purchase. These approvals automatically occur within eProcurement approval workflow. Once the asset arrives in Central Receiving it will be processed by the Inventory Coordinator. The Inventory Coordinator will make sure the property is tagged and critical information like the tag number, asset location and serial number is loaded into PeopleSoft’s Asset Management Module. Budget Manager/Department Head are overall responsible managing and maintaining their assets. All assets will be physically inventoried at least once a year by the Inventory Coordinator.

Changes to Property Location- Department will inform Logistical Service Inventory Coordinator of any property moves prior to the move. All paper work and approvals must be in place prior to the move.

Surplus or Excess Property- When a department has excess property or property which is no longer useful the property must be surplused through Logistical Service Surplus Coordinator. No property can be disposed of without advance approval in writing from the Department of Logistical services.