Surplus Property

The GPC Surplus Property warehouse is the disposal center for all computers, printers, media equipment, vehicles and other items no longer functioning and or needed by the college. Our mission here in surplus is to recycle property that is in good condition back into the inventory of the college. Items that do not meet this standard are disposed of thru the Department of Administrative Services Surplus Department virtual warehouse. Some items are exempt from recycling back into the GPC inventory. These items include computers, monitors, keyboards and items deemed non-serviceable.

Here at GPC we encourage staff & faculty to utilize the surplus warehouse prior to purchasing items that are needed by their departments. For example file cabinets, desks, chairs, art work, tables and projector screens are just a few items that can be found in Surplus. By using surplus items, you can save your department and taxpayers hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year!

Each week the GPC Surplus Department will list items that are available for recycling to staff and faculty.

Surplus is open each Wednesday for Staff & Faculty viewing from 10am to 12noon. To schedule an appointment, please call 678-891-3328 and or email Tyson Pulliam the Surplus Property Coordinator at