The Learning & Tutoring Center has six locations to serve you!

What is the LTC?

The Learning and Tutoring Center provides tutoring to students attending Georgia Perimeter College. We offer one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring and online tutoring in English, reading, mathematics, business, applied technology and the sciences.

How does LTC work?

The LTC offers many types of tutoring assistance such as:  drop-in individual and group tutoring sessions, scheduled study groups, and online tutoring.  Students are encouraged to use the LTC as a place to study, do homework, and complete assignments.  Tutors are always available if a student has questions.

For drop-in tutoring sessions, all LTC locations will use 20-30 minutes as the session length guideline. Session length guidelines are designed to respond to the need for a balanced approach to providing effective and efficient tutorial sessions which meet student needs.  If a student desires additional time, the student is welcome to sign in again. A student may sign-in as often as necessary; however, there will be no guarantee that a student will see the same tutor.

Why use LTC?

You have been to class. You have taken all of the notes. You have the assignment, but you do not know where to begin. Maybe you are just having a hard time putting it all together.

That is where LTC can help. All of our tutors are experts in their fields. Many of our tutors are students themselves (if not, they were at one time), so they know how to explain the solution in a way that you will be able to understand.

Who uses the LTC?

Students from all levels and different disciplines use the tutoring services at the LTC. A college-wide student survey revealed that successful PC students identified the LTC as one of three factors important to their success. Tutoring in math, writing and applied technology is open to all students. Tutoring for business and science courses is designed for students enrolled in those courses. Tutorial service is also available to prospective students; however, PC students are given priority.

Does the LTC offer tutors for all subjects?

No. Tutors are available to assist with all levels of math and communications. We also offer tutors in a number of business and science courses. Students should contact the LTC to determine if tutors are available for a specific business or science course.

What do I need to do before I meet with a tutor?

Before the tutorial session:

  • Review your assignment to get a clear understanding of the instructions given by your teacher.
  • Bring your syllabus and any instructions about your assignment; tutors will need to know what you were assigned to do, and, if you are unsure, they will use your syllabus and instructions to help you understand the assignment.
  • Complete as much of the assignment as you can. Tutors will review your work and ask questions to identify where you need help.
  • Make note of areas where you encounter problems with the assignment, so tutors can address those specific concerns.
  • Be ready and willing to answer questions to help the tutor identify if there are additional areas where you need help.

Will the tutor read my textbooks, do my homework, or proofread my papers?

NO, NO and NO. As an academic services department, the LTC's mission is to provide academic support services that help students achieve their academic goals and become independent learners. LTC tutors use a collaborative approach which emphasizes helping students develop the competence and confidence necessary for academic success, including the ability to identify and correct their own mistakes. While tutors will not read text chapters for you, proofread your papers, or do your homework, they will review papers or homework with you, demonstrate tips and techniques for you, and coach you through practice sessions designed to develop your skills, so you can successfully work on your own.

Will I see the same person every time I come to the LTC?

No. Since our staff is composed entirely of part-time workers, we CANNOT guarantee that you will see the same tutor each time you visit. Students are seen on a "first come, first serve" basis by available tutors.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutorial staff includes individuals with undergraduate and graduate degrees in the various disciplines, as well as current students who excel in their coursework. Tutorial candidates are assessed using discipline area tests, interviews, and reviews of prior teaching and/or tutoring experience.  Staff development training ensures that quality service is provided on a regular basis.

May I borrow books, videos or other lab resources?

A variety of academic support material is available in the LTC, including books, videos, handouts, and instructional software. Except for handouts, these materials must be used in the lab. Since we must comply with copyright and licensing regulations and/or instructor requests, copying books and software is not allowed. Students are encouraged to choose from our collection of math, English and reading handouts available online on our website:  Handouts.

What other services are available?

  • Resumes, letters of application, and other documents
  • Practice tests for Compass exams
  • Lab orientations (on faculty request)
  • Microsoft Office
  • In-class workshops (by faculty request)
  • Graphing calculator instruction