Admission Information

New students are accepted into the Nursing Program by way of a special admissions procedure, which goes beyond admission into Georgia Perimeter College.  As a Pre-Nursing student, you have already been accepted at Georgia Perimeter College. You must complete at least one Biology course and lab listed under the Nursing General Education prior to applying to the Nursing Program.  Students are encouraged to take all general education courses prior to enrolling in the Nursing Program.

Students are admitted for Fall Semester in the Generic Track and Spring Semester in the LPN-RN Bridge Program.

Admission to the Nursing Program is selective and competitive.  Students with the highest General Education GPAs, Biology GPAs, and TEAS scores  will be given preference for admissions.  Other items are considered, such as the number of withdrawals, number of repeated courses, and number of attempts at the TEAS.  Any applicant not admitted, or accepted students who decide not to enter the program, may update their application, in writing, the succeeding semester, but will be considered according to the same criteria.  The Nursing Program does not keep a waiting list.

Please read all information before contacting the Nursing Department.  Most questions can be answered by simply reading this website.