Admission Procedures

To be considered for acceptance in the Nursing Program, students must do the following:

1. Apply for admission to Georgia Perimeter College.  (If you are a Georgia Perimeter College student, you need not re-apply)

a.  Students with college degrees or college credits must apply as a Transfer student.  If you have a applied as a Degree, Transient or Special Student, you must change your status at the College Admissions Office.

b.  Students should indicate on the College application form that their major is Pre-Nursing.

2.  Be accepted by Georgia Perimeter College.

Students enrolled in ESL and/or Learning Support must complete the required courses for these areas prior to application.

3.  Complete at least one Biology course and lab listed under Nursing General Education.

Note: All Biology courses, listed under Nursing General Education, must be less than six years old at the time of enrollment in NURS 1921.

4.  Complete the TEAS V exam.  Contact ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) at to schedule the exam. If you have a number of TEAS exams, please have ATI sent the first two results.

5.  Apply for admission to the Nursing Program, .