General Education    Credit Hours   
BIOL 2110/2110L Human Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab    4   
BIOL 2120/2120L Human Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab    4   
BIOL 2300/2310 Microbiology/Lab    4   
SCOM 1500 Introduction to Public Speaking*    3   
ENGL 1101 Composition & Rhetoric *    3   
HIST 2110 U.S. HIstory*    3   
HUMANITIES/FINE ARTS (Choose one from Area C)*    3   
MATH 1001 Quantitative Skills & Reasoning    3   
PHED 1101 Choices for Life    1   
POLS 1101 American Government*    3   
PSYC 1101 Principles of Psychology*    3   
RSCH 1203 Word Processing and Research Skills    1   
Total Credit Hours    35   

* or honors version

Professional Curriculum for LPN-RN BRIDGE Track
You must be admitted to the Nursing Program to start the Professional Curriculum.

First Semester    Credit Hours   
NURS 1926 Bridge to Professional Nursing    9   
Second Semester     
NURS 2922 Childbearing Concepts of Nursing    3   
NURS 2924 Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Concepts    3   
NURS 2927 Childrearing Concepts of Nursing    4   
Third Semester     
NURS 2928 Advanced Concepts of Nursing    9   
Total Credit Hours    28   
  • Any college level math course at the 1001 level or above will meet requirements.
  • Each biology course and lab must have a minimum grade of "C." (Admissions requirement is a cumulative GPA of 2.7 in the biology courses required for nursing.) All biology courses, listed under Nursing General Education, older than six years must be repeated. 

Students must earn an overall grade point average of 2.0 or better on courses presented for graduation.