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Main Number: 678-891-2570

Main Email: Institutional Research and Planning

Staff Following is a list of the OIRP staff, with contact information:

Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Susan Finazzo, Ph.D. Phone: 678-891-2568
Email Susan

Associate Director, Assessment & Reporting
Patricia L. Gregg, Ph.D. Phone: 678-891-2571
Email Patricia

Associate Director, Institutional Research
Douglas Ruch Phone: 678-891-2572
Email Douglas

Interim Research Associate
Erin Cobbett, M.S. Phone: 678-891-2574
Email Erin

Coordinator Information Services
Janice Byrd Phone: 678-891-2569
Email Janice

Information Analyst III
Kimberly Owens Phone: 678-891-2573
Email Kimberly

Information Analyst III
Thuy Dao Phone: 678-891-2567
Email Thuy

Information Analyst I
Elbony Fleming Phone: 678-891-2670
Email Elbony

Information Analyst I
Alexander Brown Phone: 678-891-2590
Email Alexander

Research Assistant
Joan Mooyin-Edwards, M.S. Phone: 678-891-2577
Email Joan

Research Assistant
Nora Geer Phone: 678-891-2582
Email Nora