Georgia Perimeter College Homeland Security Committee



Dexter Banks, Director

OIT Administration

Lisa Alexander, Assoc. Dept. Chair


Shelia Garland, Academic Dean     Health Sciences   

H. "Bart" Hulsey,             Administrative Sergeant

Public Safety

Susan Gast, Associate Director

Marketing and Public Relations

Scott Hardy, Director

Plant Administration

Vincent June, VP

Student Affairs/Enrollment                 

Academic Services

N.T. Marinelli, Jr., Director

Public Safety

James Rasmus, Director

Human Resources

Patrice Masterson, Director

Staff Development & Benefits,

Human Resources

Barbara Obrentz, Director

Marketing and Public Relations

Rochely Seda Sepulveda,           Budget Analyst Assistant

Plant Administration

John Siler, Instructor

Criminal Justice

Diane Hickey, VP

Financial & Administrative Affairs