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Return of Title IV

Students are awarded federal aid based on attendance for an academic term and the number of hours enrolled.  When you do not complete an academic term (withdraw) federal regulations (34 CFR part 668.22) require that we return any unearned portion of Title IV aid that you received, or may be eligible to receive, based on the number of days you attended.  Title IV aid is federal aid, and it consists of the Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and Direct Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, or Parent Plus). 

All schools must use the same federal mandated formula in determining the amount of aid that you have earned, and the amount of aid that you and GPC are required to return to the financial aid programs.  Federal regulations also determine the order of the financial aid programs from which federal aid must be returned.

Please note if you are a recipient of Title IV aid, then you are required to notify Enrollment and Registration Services (aka Registrar's Office) and the Financial Aid Office if you decide to withdraw from GPC.  To avoid a return of Title IV aid, you MUST stay enrolled for 60% of the term. For example, the spring 2012 semester had 102 days for the full term (January 9 thru April 26, and not counting the days for Spring Break week).  Attending classes for the first 61 days (thru March 16) of the term would not have required a Return of Title IV calculation. 

For a list of 60% dates for upcoming terms, please see the table below.  The length of term is the number of days (including weekends, but excluding official College holidays and spring break week) from the first day of classes through the last day of classes. Final exam periods are not included. If you enroll in classes for multiple parts of terms (full term classes, first half classes, second half classes, etc.), and subsequently withdraw from all classes, then your federal aid eligibility will be recalculated based on the number of days of the full term that you actually attended.


Attended 54 days of class

Earned 52.9 percent of federal aid

Unearned amount to be returned:  47.1%

Federal Aid Awarded    Percentage Earned    Earned Amount    Unearned Amount   
$4,268.00    52.9    $2,257.77    $2,010.23   

After you withdraw, you will receive a letter notifying you of any federal aid you are eligible to keep, or that you may be eligible to receive (in the event you are eligible for but have not yet received the aid at the time of the withdrawal).  You will need to read this letter carefully and take any action that may be required.

Please remember:  There are many variables that must be taken into account when determining an official Return of Title IV calculation.  The information above is an example only; your eligibility will be based on your actual withdrawal date and federal awards.  If you have questions regarding the impact of your possible withdrawal on your federal financial aid prior to officially withdrawing, please contact the Financial Aid Office and speak with a counselor.