Clarkston Campus Clubs & Orgaznizations

The Office of Student Life - Clarkston Campus has 44 clubs & organizations. Below is a list that includes the advisor contact information. Please feel free to stop by the Office of Student Life or contact the advisor for upcoming club meetings and events! Be sure to attend club day this Fall & Spring to find out details about each organization!  As a GPC student you are always welcome to join any club on any campus!

Club/Organization Name    Advisor     Contact Information   
African – American Student Association    Reginald Adams   
African Students Association    Matrin Okafor   
Alpha Beta Gamma    Debora Constable    
Asian Student Association    Daniel Le   
Black Canvas    Chandra Dennis   
Business Club    Janet Orr and Gregory Okoro   
College Preparatory Advising by Leading Students    Donna Frazier    
The Collegian    Alice Murray    
Collegiate DECA     Karen Carter    
Computer & Engineering Club (CLACEC)    Dr. Taylor Shapero    
Criminal Justice & Military Affairs Association    Karen Carter    
Drama Club    Jennifer Jenkins    
Earth Club    Pamela Gore    
Film Club     Elizabeth Lathrop    
French Club    Mary Tyler   
Gamers Club    Margee Ragland    
GPC Opera Club    Brian Bonin    
GA PCANS (Georgia Association of Nursing Students)    Gretna Mason    
Health, Wellness, and Recreation    Robert Edwards    
History & Politics Club    Bob King and Mark Zayac,    
IMPACT (Christian Club)    Enefiok Umana    
International Students Club     Ann Sarnat    
Interpreter Training Society     Faith Powell   
JAG Activity Group    July Carrillo    
Japan Society    Avinash Sukhu    
Leadership Academy    Sarah Vaughan   
Martial Arts    Cindy Box   
Men in Nursing    Rosemary Robertson    
Muslim Student Association    Shyam Sriram    
Nursing Christian Fellowship     Tranis Goldman    
Nursing Department    Tranis Goldman Deborah Patterson    
Phi Theta Kappa    Lauren Curtright Muriel Lang,   
Pre Dental Club    Manuela Trani Mark Ctraves,   
Pre-Professional Chemistry    Luise Strange   
Psychology Club    Cynthia Kreutzer    
Science Club    Illse Rickets    
STEM    Pamela Gore   
Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA)    Karen McKinney-Holly    
Student Government Association (SGA)    Robert Bryant    
Students with Children    Corbin Stephens    
The Collegian    Alice Murray    
Triangle     Micheal Hall and Elizabeth Lathrop,    
TRIO Student Support Services    Reginald Adams
Trichele Harris   
Vietnamese Club     Luise Strange