Dunwoody Campus Clubs & Organizations

The Office of Student Life - Dunwoody Campus has over 40 clubs & organizations! Below is a list that includes the advisor contact information. Please feel free to stop by the Office of Student Life or contact the advisor for upcoming club meetings and events! Be sure to attend club day this Fall & Spring to find out details about each organization!  As a GPC student you are always welcome to join any club on any campus!

Club/Organization Name    Advisor     Contact Information   
ADHA Student Chapter    Pamela Cushenan    pamela.cushenan@gpc.edu    
Alpha Beta Gamma    Beverly Lee     beverly.lee@gpc.edu    
Anthropology Club    Megan Parker    megan.parker@gpc.edu   
Art Club    Megan Levacy or Lisa Alembik    megan.levacy@gpc.edu   lisa.alembik@gpc.edu    
Business Club     Beverly Lee    beverly.lee@gpc.edu    
Chess Club    Matthew Dolloff     matthew.dolloff@gpc.edu    
Chinese Club    Fred Bounds or William Madden    fred.bounds@gpc.edu   william.madden@gpc.edu    
Communications Club    Laurie O'Connor    laurie.oconnor@gpc.edu    
Computer Science Club    Natarajan Kumaresan    natarajan.kunaresan@gpc.edu    
Dominion City     Deborah Arnold    deborah.arnold@gpc.edu   
Dunwoody Engineering Club    Lei Gu    lei.gu@gpc.edu   
Feminati Club    Dana Wiggins    dana.wiggins@gpc.edu   
Health Science Club     Jane Levinson or Robert Thornton    jane.levinson@gpc.edu   robert.thornton@gpc.edu    
History & Politics Club    Stacey Mitchell or Dennise Turner    stacey.mitchell@gpc.edu
Jaguar Activity Group (JAG)    Loren Bass    loren.bass@gpc.edu   
Japan Club     Eric Kendrick    eric.kendrick@gpc.edu    
Jewish Club    Neil Starkman    neil.starkman@gpc.edu    
Korean Club     Eric Kendrick    eric.kendrick@gpc.edu    
Latino Connection Club    Bill Roa    bill.roa@gpc.edu   
Life & Earth Science Student of the Semester    Sheryl.Shanholtzer     sheryl.shanholtzer@gpc.edu    
Math Club     Iason Rusodimos    iason.rusodimos@gpc.edu    
Math Student of the Semester     Stephanie Garofalo or Linda Cain    stephanie.garofalo@gpc.edu 

Muslim Student Association    Jessie Hayden    jessie.hayden@gpc.edu    
National Society of Leadership & Success    Lori Payne    lori.payne@gpc.edu    
Outdoor Adventure Club     William Simson    william.simson@gpc.edu    
Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Zeta Mu Chapter    Jay Dunn or Brooke Skelton    jay.dunn@gpc.edu
Playcrafters    Daniel Guyton    daniel.guyton@gpc.edu   
Poetry & Performance Club    Gregory Murray     gregory.murray@gpc.edu    
Second Wind    Gina Flowers or Lynn Summer    gina.flowers@gpc.edu
Spanish Club     Carolina Ghanem-Cameron    Carolina.Ghanem@gpc.edu    
Student Government Association (SGA)    Aprille Williams    aprille.williams@gpc.edu    
Student Georgia Association of Educators (SGAE)    Mary Mattson    Mary.Matson@gpc.edu    
Student's Physics/Astronomy Conceptual Endeavor (S.P.A.C.E.)    Jay Dunn    jay.dunn@gpc.edu    
Student Veterans Association (SVA)    Susan. Manaskie    susan.manaskie@gpc.edu   
Ultimate Frisbee Team    Sarah Callaghan    sarah.callaghan@gpc.edu