Student Life - Peer Educators

Battling Youth Obstacles Boldly Peer Educators support the mission of the college and seek to promote, inform and create awareness on ways to avoid alcohol and drug abuse that negatively affect highway safety and jeopardize the lives of people in our society.

BYOB works in partnership with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety to develop programs, activities and initiatives to educate all students. Interested in becoming a Peer Educator? Email Anthony Robert Edwards

Fast Facts:

• 40% of all traffic deaths are related to alcohol.
• Young people are more likely than older people to be involved  in a crash.
•  Almost half of all traffic deaths among 16 to 24 year olds involve alcohol.
•  "One drink" might actually equal 3 or 4 drinks. This is especially true of punches or mixed drinks.
•  The person who drinks only a little, or less than everyone else, or stops drinking early, is a controlled drinker.
• However... a controlled drinker should never be the Designated Driver!

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