Student Life

The Office of Student Life is helping GPC go green. We've started a convenient recycling program to contribute to the effort.

We are always looking for volunteers to sustain our efforts! If you would like assist on campus please contact your Office of Student Life today to be directed to the organizer on your campus!  Click here for Student Clubs and Organizations.

Also here's how can you get involved on your own. Follow the four step process below to recycle on campus:

1.     Locate the designated bins on campus.
2.     Become knowledgeable about what can be recycled.
3.     Make an effort to place the materials in the designated areas.
4.     Tell a friend how easy it is!


*Reduce the amount and toxicity of trash you throw away and reuse containers and products.
*Reuse items as much as possible and buy products with recycled content.

Visit for more information.

What to Recycle on campus:

Paper (including: brochures, coupons, newspaper & magazines)    Cardboard (including cereal boxes)    Plastics (water bottles, etc.)   
Aluminum (soda and food cans)    Glass (bottles & jars)    Additional items: used envelopes, phone book   

Helpful Links About Recycling: