Sign Language Interpreting Program

The Sign Language Interpreting Program is the toughest program you’ll ever love. At first glance it seems like it would be something easy and fun – and while it is fun, it’s not necessarily so easy. It is demanding and rewarding. It is frustrating and exciting. If it was easy everyone would do it. This program will challenge you; open your mind to learning new things and meeting new people. You will be in a small class with instructors who care.

The class size is intentionally small so that you can get personalized attention from your instructors as well as get to know your classmates and work in a team-like atmosphere.

A great deal of time is spent working with your classmates both in and out of the classroom. Activities outside the classroom include time spent in the sign language lab and attending community events. Therefore this is a very time intensive program.

The rewards from the investment of your time and energy in this program will be well worth it. Being a sign language interpreter is an interesting and exciting career.

We look forward to seeing you in our sign language classes and perhaps even choosing sign language interpreting as your career choice.