Sign Language Interpreting Program

American Sign Language classes are offered each semester and are open to any Perimeter College student.
The Sign Language Interpreting Program's interpreting course sequence beings exclusively in the fall of each year.
Students wishing to take interpreting courses must complete the following steps:

  • Admission to Perimeter College at Georgia State University.

  • Complete English 1101 and 1102 with a "C" or better. These courses can be transferred from any accredited college or university. You also need to complete the four American Sign Language courses or have equivalent fluency.

  • Complete a Program Orientation. While you are in ASL 4, and after you have declared that you are wishing to enter the SLIP you will be given the opportunity to schedule an Entrance Interview for the SLI program. Once that appointment has been made, you will be given a link to the Program Orientation.

  • Complete an application to the Sign Language Interpreting Program. This is done at the time of your Entrance Interview.

The Entrance Interview Process

  • Pass an assessment of spoken English skills.

  • Pass an assessment of sign recall and visual-motor integration (the "G.E.A.R.S." test).

  • Pass an assessment of ASL narrative ability and conversational skills.  Of the three SLIP entrance assessments, this component receives the greatest weight. In an interaction with an advanced ASL communicator, candidates share a short narrative in ASL. Subsequently, questions are asked about the content of the narrative, work, family, home, hobbies, or activities. The interview lasts approximately ten minutes and is video recorded for evaluation. To pass this portion of the entrance process the student must demonstrate a shared conversation, answering the interviewer’s questions with elaboration of at least four or five sentences. The student must demonstrate a good knowledge of everyday vocabulary, and must generally produce signs accurately and understandably.  The student must show some use of ASL grammatical structures, though these may not yet be used consistently or fluently.  The student should not use voice or signed English. 

  • This entrance interviews are scheduled at the end of Spring term each year.

Students with skills credentials (certification or assessment from RID/EIPA/QA/SLPI) may be able to exempt the interview portion of the application by submitting their credentials.