Lab Technician

Becky was born in Decatur, Georgia where she lived until she was 14.  She moved to Florida with her parents in 1986, where she lived until 1998.  While living in Florida, Becky started working for Wal-Mart during her senior year of high school.  After moving back to Georgia in 1998, she continued to work for Wal-Mart until 2007, when decided she wanted a career change and returned to school.

Becky enrolled at GPC.  She took one ASL class and knew that she wanted to enter the Sign Language Interpreting Program.  She continued with ASL classes, and was accepted into the program in 2008. Becky graduated from the interpreting program with its most recent class in May 2010.

Becky is very involved with the Georgia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.  She has helped plan and fundraise for the annual conference 2 years in a row.

Becky is looking forward to working with all of the students and faculty here at GPC.