Part-Time Instructor


Michael Cain was born and raised in Alabama. He became deaf when he was 5 years-old and was mainstreamed from 1st through 12th grade of his education. He attended Floyd College for two years before transferring to Jacksonville State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. 

Michael taught ASL at Jacksonville State University Police Department for two years while in college.  He performed ASL in songs, comedy, and poetry while attending both Floyd College and Jacksonville State University.  He was Sports Director for Student Organization for Deaf Awareness (S.O.D.A.) for his four years at Jacksonville State University.  He also coached volleyball, softball, flag football, and basketball.

In 1998 Michael moved to GA and married a Deaf woman named Karmon.  They have two hearing children who are fluent in ASL and English.  Since moving to GA he has been involved in the Deaf Church at Annistown Road Baptist. He has taught ASL, acted and performed ASL in songs, and been Sports Director for several years.

Currently Michael is a Gwinnett County Police Animal Welfare Enforcement Officer.  He has been teaching ASL part-time at Georgia Perimeter College for almost eleven years.