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Political Science

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Georgia Perimeter College offers a 2 year Associate of Arts degree with a program of study in Political Science. This is an accredited program that transfers to all colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia.

What is Political Science?

Political Science is the study of human political behavior. It looks at the state in general and government in particular. It involves subjects such as public law, political theory, comparative government, international relations, public administration, and American Government.

What does Georgia Perimeter College offer in political science?

Georgia Perimeter college offers four, 3 semester hour classes in political science. They are:

.     POLS-1101 American Government
This course is required in all programs of study by state law. The course covers the essential facts about the national government of the United States, with some attention to state government, including the state of Georgia.

.     POLS-1101H  American Government (Honors)
This course is POLS-1101 for honors students.

.     POLS-2101 Introduction to Political Science
This course is an introductory survey of the fundamental concepts and questions concerning politics, including such issues as liberty, justice, equality, and legitimacy.

.     POLS-2201 State and Local Government
This course covers the essential facts of state and local government and politics in the United States. It places particular emphasis upon the constitution and the government of the state of Georgia.

Will these courses transfer to other schools in the University System of Georgia?

Yes. POLS-1101 American Government is required by state law at all colleges and universities of the University System of Georgia. The general rule is that other colleges will allow the transfer of 6 semester hours at the 2000 level in political science. Most, but not all, private and out-of-state schools have a similar policy on transferring credits.

What courses are required for an Associate of Arts degree with a program of study in Political Science?

The Political Science Major includes these required courses.

What kind of career does someone with a political science degree go on to?

Traditionally, political science majors go into law or government,  but there are many other possibilities. Explore a list of careers which Georgia State University's political science department has put together.

If I go on to a four year school and major in political science, what will be required?

It varies from school to school. In general you have to take between 24 and 28 semester hours in upper level political science courses. Usually you will have to take a specific number of hours in several areas of political science such as theory and method, American studies, or international studies. Some schools offer undergraduate programs in political science with special concentrations such as pre-law, state, local, and regional planning, or public administration. To check out the programs at other Georgia colleges click on the links below:

The University of Georgia
Georgia State University
Georgia Southern University
University of West Georgia
Valdosta State University
Emory University
Georgia Tech
Kennesaw State University

Who can I talk with to get more information about political science?

Contact one of Georgia Perimeter College's full-time faculty who teaches political science. Their websites are listed below:

Adam Stone
Doug Crane
Wendell Broadwell
Bob King
Jim Cox

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