Move On When Ready Program

High School Counselors

How do I Find out the Grades for the College Classes?

• The Registrar in the Dunwoody Enrollment and Registration Office will mail official grade reports at the end of each semester to the Move On when Ready counselor at the High School. Processing of student grades usually requires one week from the end of the final exam period. The grades are mailed after processing is completed.

• In order to transfer credit for college courses taken at GPC to another college, students must make a separate transcript request for each college. Request a transcript.

• All grades are recorded as letter grades. GPC instructors do not issue numeric grades. The official grading scale for GPC is: 90-100% = A; 80-89% = B; 70-79% =C; 60-69% = D.

• GPC instructors do not give mid-term grades. Students can check their progress at any point during the semester by speaking with their instructor. GPC doesn’t mail out grade reports to students. Students can view their course grades in the Student Information System.

FERPA regulations are different for colleges than for high schools.

• Once a student is accepted as a college student, regardless of the age of the student or who is paying the bills, the educational records become the property of the student.

• GPC instructors and administrators are not permitted to discuss attendance, academic progress, or disciplinary actions with a parent alone.

• However, FERPA does not prevent GPC instructors and administrators from discussing a student’s progress with the high school counselor.