Dual Enrollment Program

High School Counselors

What is my Part in the Accel Program?

• The Accel Program is administered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC).

• Students initiate the Accel process by filling out an application online.

• High school counselors use their STARS access to the gacollege411.org Web site. Counselors must complete part II of the Accel application for each student. The counselor must enter the high school code for each course that the Dual Enrollment student is taking at Georgia Perimeter College. You can request that the student show you their schedule for GPC classes or you can request confirmation of college classes from the DE coordinator for your high school.

•View the list of college courses that are equivalent to high school courses.

• Accel funding is course specific.

• A new Accel application must be completed each semester.

• Students should complete an Accel application as soon as they have registered for classes.

• GPC would like to have all the Accel applications completed by the second week of classes-part I by the student and Part II by the high school counselor.

• Any book grant money that is available to a student after all fees are paid is returned on the Higher One Card that each student receives from GPC after he or she registers for classes the first time.