Dual Enrollment Program

High School Counselors

What is the Accel Program?

Accel is a state of Georgia program that pays full tuition, some fees, and provides a small book grant for qualified students. Students who are still in high school are not eligible for federal funds and do not complete the FAFSA. The Accel Program is not available in the summer session. Accel pays tuition in the fall and spring semesters for courses in the five core subject areas plus philosophy and economics courses. A three-credit college course (3 hours) is considered equal to .6 Carnegie units. A four-credit college course is given .7 Carnegie units. Accel also pays Hope mandatory fees. Students are responsible for additional fees that are not covered by Accel. Accel provides a book grant based upon registered hours (1-5 credit hours = $75; 6+ credit hours = $150).

Eligibility Requirements:

• To be eligible for Accel funding your students have to be accepted into the Dual Enrollment Program with Georgia Perimeter College and must be U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals, or have permanent resident status at the time the application is submitted, and also be considered residents of the state of Georgia.

• Encourage your students to complete the residency portion of the GPC application carefully and thoroughly.

• Leaving questions unanswered will cause a student to be classified as an out-of-state resident. There is an appeal process for students who feel that they are incorrectly classified as out-of-state students. This is not an easy mistake to rectify so urge your students to fill out the college application carefully.

• A social security number is required to receive Accel funds.

• Remind your students to make sure that they have entered their correct social security numbers on the GPC application and also on the Accel application. Social security numbers that don’t agree are a leading reason why Accel applications are rejected.