Dual Enrollment Program

Current Students

I'm Accepted! Now What?

Complete Orientation. Your acceptance letter from GPC’s Admissions Office will have information on orientation for new students.

Talk to your high school counselor about the classes you want to take. There are different ways to fit classes into your schedule. You could take GPC classes in the morning and then go to your high school. Or, take GPC classes during your last period in the afternoons. You could take late afternoon and evening classes, too. Your high school counselor has to approve any classes you take.

Make an appointment with your DE Coordinator. Your coordinator will help you choose courses and then register you in classes. Before you meet with the coordinator you should view the courses GPC offers each semester. You can view courses in the Student Information System. You can also look at a common course outline for each course.  The common course outline tells you the objectives and content of each course.

Pay for classes using the Accel funding option.

  1. The state pays tuition and some fees for students who are eligible for the Accel program.
  2. Credits paid for by Accel count towards the total number of credits paid for by HOPE.
  3. A textbook allowance, contingent upon credit hours, is paid by the Accel program ($75 for 5 or fewer credit hours; $150 for 6 or more credit hours).
  4. College fees may apply when courses are taken on GPC campuses.
  5. For more information about the Accel program go to www.gacollege411.org
  6. After registering for classes, Dual Enrollment students must complete an Accel Program Application .
  7. A new Accel Program Application is required each semester.
  8. Accel funds are not available for enrollment during the summer term.

Pay for classes yourself. If you aren't eligible for the Accel program or you want to take a course that Accel funds won't cover, you’ll have to pay for your own tuition, fees, and books. Accel will not pay your expenses if you are home-schooled. Tuition and fees should be paid as soon as you register for classes. Accel funding is not available for students who are classified as out-of-state.