Move On When Ready Program

Current Students

I'm Accepted! Now What?

How do you know if you are "accepted" or not?

  • You'll receive an email from GPC directing you to call your Move On When Ready coordinator.
    Once you apply online, submit all of the checklist items, and allow the Admissions department time enough to process everything (usually a few weeks), you will receive your email indicating that you have now been "accepted".

    As soon as that happens, do the following...
  1. Talk to your high school counselor about the classes you want to take.
    There are different ways to fit classes into your schedule. You could take GPC classes in the morning and then go to your high school. Or, take GPC classes during your last period in the afternoons. You could take late afternoon and evening classes, too. Your high school counselor has to approve any classes you take.
  2. Make an appointment with your MOWR Coordinator.
    Your coordinator will help you choose courses and then register you in classes.
    Before you meet with the coordinator you should view the courses GPC offers each semester.
    You can view courses in the Student Information System (SIS) found here.
    You can also look at course specifics using the common course outline found here
    The common course outline tells you the objectives and content of each course.

The Next Steps for Accepted Move On When Ready students
These next steps only apply to students who have already been "accepted" to GPC and have received the email indicating so.

  1. Complete the Move On When Ready Student Participation Agreement (SPA) form:
    Meet with your high school counselor and ask for the paper Move On When Ready Student Participation Agreement Form.
    This form must be filled out completely and correctly in order to be registered for any classes.
    The form must be signed by you, your parent, and your high school guidance counselor prior to turning it in to GPC.
    Bring this completed form to your MOWR Coordinator when you come in to register for classes during your advisement/orientation appointment.
    This form will be required every semester. 
    Your high school counselor will be able to access this form thru the Georgia Department of Education website found here. 
  2. Complete the Move On When Ready funding application:
    The Move On When Ready funding application must be competed by all students EVERY SEMESTER.
    You must complete the electronic version of the application via the GAcollege411 website.
    The Move On When Ready funding application can be found here.

    (Exception: Home school students must complete the Move On When Ready paper application found here.)
    Print this form and bring it in to your MOWR coordinator.
  3. AP scores:
    Submit AP scores if you haven't already done so. You may be eligible for college credit for most AP exams on which you scored a 3 or higher.
    The code for Georgia Perimeter College is 5711.
    Students are responsible for checking with their intended four year institutions to see what that institution will accept for AP scores as these differ from one institution to another.
    You can find the AP website here.
  4. Set up your email:
    Set up your Georgia Perimeter email account. Set this up right away! Remember that Georgia Perimeter will send all important emails to your Georgia Perimeter email address. Please start using the Georgia Perimeter email to contact us.
    You can find the student webmail access here.
  5. Verify your lawful presence:
    (If you have not already done so) All admitted students who plan to enroll must comply with the Learner’s permits and high school identification cards are not accepted.
    Lawful Presence requirements detailed here.
  6. Immunizations:
    Submit required immunization records.
    The MOWR office is not able to receive these forms.
    Contact the GPC Student Health Center here for more details and contact information.
  7. Math placement test:
    Schedule a math placement test. MOWR students must take the Math Placement if they plan to take a Math course higher than Math 1111 (College Algebra).
    This test will cost $20.
    Contact the Testing Center here to schedule an appointment for the Math Placement Test.
  8. Call GPC:
    Call and schedule an advisement/orientation appointment to come in and meet with your MOWR Coordinator for registration as soon as you have been admitted.
    Students taking a GPC course at their high school location/address will not need to make an appointment.
    Use the list of coordinators on the left hand side of this screen to find the appropriate phone number to call.

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